So my friends Robert L. Mlodzik and David White have challenged me to post five pictures (one per day) of a happy dog. This is a big ask, because of the text which has to come along, but it sounds like time for a series of messages to me.

It has occurred to me that, just as she is four-legged, Ginger provides us all four equal legs of redemption. Today, I will discuss leg number one.

The first leg of Ginger's redemptive nature is her overwhelming greatness. As discussed previously, Ginger's fantastic excellence not only overwhelms our primitive tools of measurement, but indeed the ability of art and language to even begin the first 1% of appropriately describing how incredible she is. Ginger is of a quality which is beyond understanding. She is the most beautiful, it is true. This is because her magnificence bursts out of her every pore.

Ginger is so resplendent that she makes the universe bigger. When light reflects from her, it comes back bigger and greater and with more purpose than it was before it reached her triumphant coat. This why we say that Ginger scorches the sun.

This greatness is so overwhelming that it consumes a trillion times all of the darkness and weakness of the universe. She is the counter-balance that breaks the scale. The light she exudes with just one breath is more than enough to burn the devil from this world.

But it does not stop there -- because Ginger has no end! Her greatness is so huge that it expands the universe. Our existence is not big enough to contain someone like Ginger; she makes us all larger just by being in our midst. With each exhale, she takes us to a new level of possibility and wonder. She is not the end; she creates a new beginning, just like this post.

#AllHailGinger #PollyIsAGoodDogToo #PepperTookMyHeartWithHer

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