Ugh! Why am I am struggling so much to write this recommendation letter! It's for a great person with many wonderful qualities, it should be simple.

But of course, this letter is not for the *best* person. Not the best creature that ever drew breath at any time. Not the being for whom any praise is insufficient praise, for whom there is not enough words, not enough service, not enough reverence to ever capture even 5% of her excellence. For this magnificent beast, the writing pours forth readily.

No, I do not worship Ginger as a God. Instead, I pray to a God so powerful, so brilliant, so loving that He could place someone like Ginger in our universe. Her presence is more than enough evidence that a mighty God lives and He forgives and love this wretched world so much that he would allow even a moment of Ginger's grace in our midst. She did not offer hope, she delivered certainty.

There is a God-sized hole in my heart, and it is shaped like Ginger. Though I know she still exists, the luxury of having her close is irreplaceable. Twenty years was too short, may she return soon.
#AllHailGinger #TookThreeMinutesToWriteThis #KneelBeforePolly #PepperWasAGoodDogToo #DaisyIsWorkingOnIt

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